Worshiping the Moon: Nude Moon Lady and Mirror Art Deco Beuchamp Bronze Figure

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- Mesmerizing sculpture of nude lady worshiping the moon. Her hands are raised towards the heavens in a striking pose.

- The nude female is knelt upon one knee clasping a mirror in both hands in what appears to be a solitary and intimate act of carefree devotion.

- Beautifully detailed and eye catching design in the classic Art Deco style.

- Made from cold cast bronze.

- Size: 15cms High; 13cms Long; 4cms Wide. Mirror: 9cms diameter.

Beautiful Art Deco style sculpture of nude lady. She holds a mirror in her hand that symbolises the moon. She kneels upon one leg whilst her left leg is stretched backwards, her back arched in tribute to the wonders of the moon. One can almost sense the atmosphere surrounding her in her personal act of worship to the Moon Goddess and can one imagine the rays of the silvery moon casting it's shimmering glow upon her body in the stillness of the night. This is not only a beautiful sculpture it also serves as a functional mirror. It is made from cold cast bronze; a process made by combining small bronze particles with resin into moulds that develops a rich quality in appearance over time.