Stunning Bronze colour Viking Ship Longboat Goblet Chalice

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  • Stunning Bronze colour Viking Ship Longboat Goblet Chalice.
  • Goblet/Chalice sits in a morphed longboat and is decorated with a Viking warrior who bears a sword, spear and axe.
  • The reverse of the goblet depicts a raven in flight carrying and axe and Ravens were considered to be the shamanic helpers of the God Odin..
  • Measures 25cms tall. Ideal altar piece for followers of the Old Norse ways as for any modern pagan.


Absolutely stunning bronze coloured Viking decorated goblet/chalice depicting a Viking warrior who wears furs across his shoulders. In his hands he carries a shield, sword, spear and axe representing his prowess as a warrior. The back of the goblet/chalice depicts a Raven - associated with the great Odin, the sacred bird who conveyed messages to Odin. Ravens were thought to be the shamanic sources of the great Odin's wisdom. The Raven carries an axe which was one of the weapons the Norsemen preferred. Descending down the goblet/chalice are two long oars that splash into the waves of the water at the base of the goblet. This goblet/chalice captures the power and prestige of the mighty Viking warrior. Made from cold cast bronze; a process made by combining small bronze particles with resin into moulds that develops a rich quality in appearance over time.