Polo Seat Stick Height Adjustable with Brown Leather Seat and Spiked Ferrule Ground Plate

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Product Overview

  • Brown leather functional outdoor seat stick.
  • Brown leather sling seat with covered handles.
  • Metal ferrule at base of stick.
  • Fitted ground plate at base to prevent stick sinking into ground.
  • Height adjustable in 5.5cm increments from 74-99cm walking height, 56-81cm sitting height.

Functional and practical Polo seat stick with metal shaft and brown leather sling seat. This Polo seat stick has a metal ferrule at the base that penetrates the ground and has ground plate at the best that minimizes and prevents the seat from sticking into the ground when the seat stick is sat upon. The seat stick is height adjustable for the comfort and convenience of the sitter/user in 5.5cms increments. The seat thus extends from 74 -99cms walking height and 56 -81cms sitting height. Perfect for all outdoor activities and events.