Mr Todd Prowling Fox in Cold Cast Bronze

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  • Delightful figure of prowling fox in the wild based by David Geenty.
  • Solitary fox figure known for his ability to conceal and hide himself and reputed to be cunning -a term derived from the word "keening" which means "to  know".
  • Made from cold cast Bronze-Measures 16cm in total height 4cm wide and 26cm long
  • An outstanding piece of artwork of a fox that would add a touch of class to any home or office

Positively delightful sculpture of the wild fox who appears to be embarking on his own journey where he will need to exercise all his powers of skill and cunning for survival. It was these skills that the Druid's were thought to admire and the fox was thought in ancient lore to be able to shape-shift. The 2000 year old Linden bog man was found to have a fox amulet when his body was discovered. Norsemen were thought in folklore, to have brought the fox with them to Ireland. The fox is found throughout the UK, USA, and Canada, Europe and North Africa and its various sub-species. He generally hunts alone at dusk and by night and this delightful portrayal captures the essence of this creature on his nocturnal journey. Made from cold cast bronze, this piece only requires dusting and an occasional coating in wax in order to preserve its appearance which will improve over a period of time.It is made from cold cast bronze; a process made by combining small bronze particles with resin into moulds that develops a rich quality in appearance over time


(No reviews yet) Write a Review