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Four strand Magnetic Copper, Aluminium and Brass Bracelet and etched on lined effect magnetic copper ring set

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Very pretty and delicate-looking tri-coloured, twisted strand, magnetic bracelet made from copper, brass and aluminium.

This bracelet has been beautifully crafted to create this eye-catching four strand bracelet.

It contains two rare earth magnets measuring 1700 gauss that are found at the tip of each end of the bracelet.

This bracelet may offer relief from arthritic conditions and also serves as a lovely item of jewellery.

The bracelet is also slightly expandable so will that it rest comfortably on the wrist.

Standard size: Fits wrist sizes (172mm)-(190mm) 6 3/4" - 7 1/2" .

Made in the United Kingdom consisting of pure copper, aluminium strands and brass.

Combi set includes an attractive copper magnetic ring that has been etched with a lined, decorative design and contains earth magnets.

Comes in three different sizes: Small:16 -18mm; Medium: 19-21mm; Large: 22-25mm. 

Copper was used in medicine by the ancient Egyptians who used copper in compounds for healing wounds, treating headaches, epilepsy and for sterilising water. The Greeks used copper as an anti-infective and the Romans used it for skin, neurological and inflammatory conditions. The ancient Indians and Persians used copper to treat lung conditions whilst it is thought the Aztecs used it as part of a throat gargle. The use of bio magnetism in various clinics throughout the world is ever increasing with reports from healers who have observed positive benefits from natural magnetism upon health and well-being through stimulation of blood circulation and building of cells to rejuvenate tissue in the body. Bio-magnetism is thought to affect iron and oxygen in the blood ,promoting circulation. Magnetism is thought to increase electrical conductivity of blood. A weak current is passed through the blood producing increased ions that contributes towards more efficient blood flow and is thought to stabilise blood pressure. It is thought that natural iron found in the blood is magnetised resulting in increased oxygen to cell tissue that promotes an increase of carbon dioxide waste from the cells to the lungs for removal which is thought to result in less fatigue and an increase in vitality. Research has shown that magnetic therapy may: Relieve pain Reduce inflammation Restore energyIncrease melatonin and it's growth hormones Wearing a magnetic bracelet can ease pain caused by arthritis of the hips and knees UK researchers have shown. The British Medical Journal study found a significant reduction in pain scores among people wearing copper magnetic bracelets and that benefits from wearing the bracelets were in addition to existing treatments. WARNING: SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IF YOU HAVE OR WILL BE FITTED WITH A PACEMAKER OR ANY MEDICAL DEVICE BEFORE WEARING A MAGNETIC BRACELET.