First Encounters-Foal and Dog Horses Equines Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture

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Product Overview

  • Endearing and captivating cold cast bronze statue of young foal encountering a playful dog.
  • An outstanding piece of artwork of a Foal and Dog that would add a touch of class to any home or office
  • The sculpture shows the inquisitiveness of the young foal and its natural curiosity is reflected in the way the foal is portrayed with its neck arched,
  • appearing uncertain.The dog lies on it's back at the feet of the foal indicating it's submission and friendliness to the foal
  • Measures 17cm in total height 6cm wide and 20cm long and cast in cold cast bronze

Captivating and tender sculpture recording an encounter between a young foal and his new canine friend. This is an enchanting portrayal of the wonders of learning and those familiar with horse behaviour will delight and equally understand the pure essence and uniqueness of this stunning piece. Made from cold cast bronze; a process made by combining small bronze particles with resin into moulds that develops a rich quality in appearance over time. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review