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Family Of Three African Elephant Statue Cold Cast Bronze

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  • Family Of Three African Elephant Statue Cold Cast Bronze
  • Family Of Three African Elephant Statue Cold Cast Bronze
  • Family Of Three African Elephant Statue Cold Cast Bronze

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  • Delightful bronze colour, made from resin, elephant family ornament, 4" tall.
  • A lovely piece for your shelf / mantlepiece. The family bond is evident when you look closely at their trunks.
  • Made with strict attention to detail from high grade cold cast (cool to the touch) resin with realistic features.
  • A superb figurine for the elephant collector or animal lover. Big father at the back, then mother and baby at front.
  • Ornament measures approx 10cm (4") tall x 14cm (5½") wide x 15cm (6") deep.




This is a truly delightful elephant statue that captures the grace and power of the mighty elephant.
The statues show the larger male with the mother and child.
In the wild, the male elephant grows to about double the size of the female.

The African elephant is made from two species of elephant, the African forest elephant which is a slightly smaller species and the African bush elephant.
The elephant is the heaviest living land mammal with an average height of 2.8 meters.

The tallest ever recorded height was an impressive 4.41 meters and an earth shuddering 8000 kg.
They are an iconic animal that has not many predators in the plains of Africa due to their size and power.
The tusks are used during rucking during the mating season between the males as well as digging through the ground to forage for food, stripping bark from trees and to defend themselves and their young from dangerous predators. 

Their large ears are essential to keeping the mighty elephant cool in the blistering heat of the African plains as they flap them from side to side to keep body temperature down.

Elephants are known for their high intelligence that is on a similar level to dolphins and apes.
This elephant statue would make a perfect gift to any admirer of this hugely loved animal.

the process of making cold cast bronze involves mixing bronze metal powder with a high-quality resin then poured into a mould and cooled down. this process makes the finished statue have the same look and feel like a much more expensive bronze statue and still shows amazing detail.
Statues made using this process have a look of a very high level of workmanship and add a touch of class to any room or office. 

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