Deer Antler Horn Thumbstick Hiking Walking Staff Pole with Hazel wood Shaft and Wrist Loop.

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Product Overview

  • Stunning and extremely distinctive thumbstick with real stag antler
  • Shaft is made from hazel. This staff will appeal to all those who appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom and nature and to followers of the Old Ways who understand the deep and rich symbolism of this Stang.
  • Main shaft of staff is made from Hazel wood and is clearly identified by the brownish grey colour and markings of this wood's bark.
  • Fitted with a metal cap at the base of the stick for outdoor use
  • Total length is 136cms/54 inches Hand made in the UK from sustainable forest.

Hazel has been used as a staff since Celtic times and was thought to afford protection against snake bites as well as possessing supernatural qualities. The word 'Hazel' comes from the ancient Anglo-Saxon word 'Haesal'. The thumb horn is made from genuine deer/stag antlers and has been shaped in the distinctive ' V ' shape. Deer/Stag antlers have been regarded in high esteem as symbols of power and majesty. The Celts placed antlers on their helmets and images of antlers have appeared on ancient city walls. Antlers were considered to afford the wearer protection, possibly due to the skilful way the stag appears to evade detection and capture due to his swiftness. When one combines the mythology of both the wood and the stag horn on this pole with a practical functioning staff any walker would surely feel proud to own a staff with historical roots that are clearly steeped in the ancient lore of this land. This pole is held with the thumb in the V position and affords the user additional support to the legs when walking. There is something fascinating about the combination of a magical wood such as Hazel and the horn of the proud and revered stag. This pole is a reflection of the ancient man in us - the wanderer in the forest who has attuned himself to the forces nature. An ideal staff to go for long rambling walks across the countryside. Also suitable as a Stang for followers of the Old Ways who understand the deep and rich symbolism contained in this stang. Antlers represent man's seduction with the wilderness and his connection with the forest and the majestic king of the Glen's - the Stag. The stag was thought to be able to move between worlds and was regarded as a symbol of protection. This symbolism continues to remain in our subconscious to this day.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review