Chestnut Hiking Walking Trekking Staff Stick Pole with Engraved Spirals and Leather Wrist Loop

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Product Overview

  • Chestnut Hiking Staff with engraved twin spiral along length of Staff.
  • Handy leather wrist loop attached at top of Staff.
  • Measures approximately 122cm/48"in length.
  • Has a combi base consisting of metal spiked base for soft ground and a rubber base that fits over the metal spike for hard ground walking.
  • Ideal for all walkers and ramblers and outdoor activities and hand made in the UK from sustainable forest.

This is a richly coloured chestnut wood Hiking Staff/Pole with a spiral design along the shaft. The leather wrist loop affords additional assistance with holding the Hiking Staff whether walking or standing. The user grasps the stick by placing thumb and fingers around the shaft of the pole. It has a metal spike at the base so will stand nicely when placed on soft ground and assist the user in gaining additional support. A reliable sturdy and practical Pole for all outdoor walking and hiking pursuits. It comes complete with both metal spiked ferrule for soft ground walking and a rubber ferrule that fits nicely over the metal spike for walking on all hard ground/terrain. A beautifully hand carved walking stick that would a make a fantastic gift for the walking enthusiast or outdoor lover that is hand made in the UK from sustainable forest.