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What are the benefits of a magnetic copper ring?

If you are looking to buy a magnetic copper ring then we recommended reading our short history and about the health benefits below. We have sold many pieces of copper jewellery over the years and some of the feedback we have received has been truly amazing.  

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We have had messages from customers saying that they really can not believe how much our copper jewellery range has improved their health and general wellbeing. Using the natural materials of copper and magnetism combined our customers have told us that it has vastly improved their osteoarthritis.

As far back as between 2600 and 2200 B.C, copper has been recorded as a medical treatment. Found in one of the oldest books in human history, the Smith Papyrus. An ancient papyrus scroll that describes using copper to sterilize water and treat chest wounds.

copper health benefits

Many examples throughout our past describe the use of copper to treat injuries and ailments. There are discovered documents from all over the word that included ancient Greece, Rome, India, Persia and the Aztec empire.

The use of magnetic therapy has grown in use by athletes and people who suffer from arthritis. Research shows that the combination of magnets and copper can ease swelling of the joints as it can lead to softening of the tissue leading to the body repairing itself faster.

Copper is one of the essential nutrients that all humans need in their body. Medical research has shown that for people who suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, copper rings and bracelets can deliver significant benefits. studies have also shown that using a magnetic copper bracelet for tennis elbow can also show significant improvement to the sufferer.

athletes magnetic copper therapy

Why buy a magnetic copper ring from us?

We have an expansive range of magnet copper bracelets and magnetic copper rings that are crafted in the United Kingdom by coppersmiths that have been making copper jewellery for over 30 years.

We have many different styles to choose from that include men's copper rings and magnetic copper bracelets for men and also magnetic copper bracelets for women.

We have a copper bracelet that suits all styles, Including classic Celtic/Viking torque design and many more modern eye-catching designs.

The twin magnets in each piece are Neodymium (rare earth) and give a powerful measurement of over 1700 gauss and will not lose much of their magnetic qualities over a lifetime as a magnet loses 5% of its power every 100 years. We also stock most design in small and large sizes as well as the standard size

We send worldwide and every item is sent with full tracking so you never have to worry about where your parcel is.

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24th Mar 2021 Euan

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