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mens extra large copper magnetic bracelet uk

Pure copper bracelets with powerful twin magnets


Copper has been used through the ages as it is known for its potent healing properties.

As far back as the land of the pharaoh's in ancient Egypt, people were known to use copper to treat such ailments as headaches and various skin conditions.

Germans doctors in 1939 discovered that copper miners working inside copper mines would not suffer from arthritis and back pain symptoms would be much less than that of miners working in alternative material mines.


Your body needs copper to stay healthy

A crucial fact to know is that the human body requires and needs copper to maintain and perform at healthy levels. Copper deficiency can cause a long list of conditions that include an increased risk of infection, Brain tissue and nervous system damage, Compromised immune function to name but a few.

Choosing to wear a magnetic copper bracelet can only be seen as a smart and healthy life choice as there are many health benefits.

We stock a large selection on magnetic copper bracelets and rings that are all pure copper and handmade in The United Kingdom by very skilled coppersmiths with over fifty years of experience.


What is the magnetic field within
a copper bracelet?

           "All the bracelets and rings on our websites also come with two powerful Neodymium magnets that give a magnetic measurement of 1700"

The rare earth magnets ensure that not only are to receiving the healing properties from the copper bracelet, but you also have the added benefits of magnetic therapy.

Medical studies have found that magnetic therapy can also benefit people living with arthritis.

Order before 2pm GMT for same day dispatch

The Online Bazaar has a massive selection of beautiful handmade bracelets and rings that are all made from pure copper with twin magnets on each side.

As well as the standard size, we also stock large and small bracelets sizes to accommodate people of all wrist sizes.

We have various men's and women's styles that are not only highly beneficial for your health but also are outstanding pieces of fashion jewellery.

mens extra large copper magnetic bracelet uk


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All the bracelets and ring are registered medical devices, we please ask to confirm with your doctor that you can wear the jewellery if you use a pacemaker or any other medical equipment.

26th Mar 2020 Euan

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