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A short history of walking sticks

A short history of walking sticks

Posted by M Agnew on 21st Mar 2019

Walking sticksWhen our distant ancestors hacked off a straight branch with their flint tools the walking stick was born. Useful for defence or attack it enhanced safety and mobility and perhaps, in a … read more

It's starting to feel at lot like Christmas

Posted by Euan on 13th Nov 2018

Christmas is just around the corner.All the team here at The Online Bazaar are starting to get excited as the Christmas season is approaching.We have some fantastic new lines that would make someone t … read more

Hello from The Online Bazaar

Posted by Catherine on 6th Apr 2014

Hi there this a warm welcome from The Online Bazaar. Thank you for being our website. We will tell you a bit about how the company ( The Online Bazaar ) came about and also about the products that we … read more